The Rocketbook is a productivity paragon.

You can find the Rocket Book here!


If you are an avid note taker as I am, (and if you’re pursuing a career in software engineering get ready to be one! ) you likely have found yourself with a couple different first world problems. Taking notes , organizing them and then being able to find them later is an art have yet to totally master. I can’t speak for you, but I can say with a certainty that taking notes in general helps keep me focused and also helps me to retain more information. This is an important skill for anyone in tech and I have resigned myself to in many cases just accepting that when I take notes , most of the time, I will not have the proper notebook with me,or will miss the opportunity to use those notes,because the act of retrieving them can be murky at best!

I have literal stacks of notebooks to go through when I want to find notes from earlier in the year.

Recently  I have had success with note organization by using a daily / weekly / monthly planner that has lot’s of space to write notes on dated paper, and a spare notebook in the back but even that is limited. Welp! being that we are starting a new year (new me! YAY!) it was time for me to start the process of looking for a replacement for my planner and I stumbled on the Rocket Book at the right time!


What the heck is a RocketBook? Does it take me to space?

Well let’s let you down lightly! It is definitely NOT taking you to space! (sorry) But at a cost ranging frpom $15 to 35$, what it will do, is  help you step up your organizational game significantly!  I mean significantly! It’s definitely a rare feeling to have such a high tech piece of equipment that is also so low tech in nature! Let me do my best to explain…


Ok so what is it?

The RocketBook is a dry erase notebook. This is in itself pretty cool if you are a note take like I am. This means that after you take your notes (or even while you are taking your notes) you are able to erase the pages and reuse them. There are two options for erasing, you can use a little water and the included (depending on the model) microfiber cloth, or the small eraser nub on the back of the included pen. Both options will allow you to cleanly erase your chicken scratch.

That’s a pretty handy feature but what if I want to keep my notes?

Well you are in luck because this is what is actually cool about the Rockebook!

The Rocketbook has an app that let’s you easily snap pictures of your notes and store them via integration to other service such as:


Rocketbook Integrations


Through a little configuration in the app, you can set up multiple locations to have your notes sent to depending on options that you choose.

Ok, you can take pictures of your notes.. can’t I do that already?

Yes! You definitely can scan your existing paper notes to your phone and then retrieve them there for later use. (mixed in with all your pictures) but what makes the Rocketbook special is three things.

  1. The Rocketbook has a QR code on the bottom of the page which tells the app when you have a good focus and there is a picture to take. This is important because when you are trying to get a picture of a document, hitting the button to tell your phone it’s time to take a picture, inevitably causes your phone to shake which leads to poor image quality.
  2. Next the Rocketbook has a series of icons at the bottom of every page. When you create a note you can put an x over one (or multiple) icons. This tells the Rocketbook app where to file your note! You can also set up email addresses to email your notes to. You can even setup folders in third party services or sections in one-note.Sync It Right the First Time
  3. Last the Rocketbook utilizes Optical Character Recognition or OCR on your notes. OCR attempts to recognize your handwritten characters and turn them into searchable text which is awefully handy when it comes time to find your notes. I have very poor handwriting and it’s done a reasonable job with mine so far!


Is there more than one of these beautiful paragons of organization?

You are in luck!

There are multiple models with varying sizes and features but the one that I chose was the Rocketbook fusion.

Rocketbook features
Various Rocketbooks and their features.
The way I see it there are 3 main things to notice about the various models of the Rocketbooks.
  1. Size – Rocketbook comes in various sizes you should just pick the one that suits your need/
  2. Page styles – This is the more important one (in my opinion) if you need planner features you will want the one that I got. Rocket Book Fusion.
  3. Do they come with a pen?
So how does this work? What is the pen like? Is this where they nickel and dime me?

Believe it or not the pen is kinda great (much better than I expected) and they did not make a special pen to nickel and dime you!

Rocketbook uses whats known as a friction erasable pen .  These pens are relatively cheap the one that I got has a little eraser nub on the back ans they write much nicer than I would have expected. They seem comparable in price to other pens and so far they sure seem to be a great choice for your writing.

Here is a link to the official website in case you want more information about the Rocketbook fusion.


This notebook is kinda amazing ! I love my Rocket Book .

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