Let’s create a GitHub account to store our creations!

The purpose of this article is to help you Create a GitHub Account. GitHub is great! The basic version is free , GitHub will make your life a heck of a lot easier if you (like I do) sometime want to move seamlessly between your laptop and desktop. GitHub / Git is also useful if you want to have change tracking for your projects. (Who wouldn’t?) While I am still trying to figure out my workflow when it comes to versioning and even branching.  Having my code tracked by GIT has saved me more than a few times already.


“I never make mistakes and I only have one computer”

Creating a GitHub Account is an important part of building your portfolio. If you are commited to developing your skills as a developer and increasing your worth in the market, you need to get started on a GitHub profile RIGHT NOW. Having an active GitHub account shows potential employers that you are dedicated to your craft. I can’t even tell you how many software engineers that I have worked with over the years who are stuck in stasis and not doing these simple things to enhance their profile and learn new things. WE are going to be better than them!

Let’s get started!



Sign up:

The First step to creating a GitHub is account is pretty simple!

Navigate to https://github.com/

Think up a clever user name! (cmon you can do better than firstInitialLastName!)

Add in your email and password and hit Sign up for GitHub.



Select a plan

For most people the free plan is good enough. The details are below.

When I first started using GitHub I was a little creeped out / self conscious about the idea of putting my projects up where anyone could see and critique them. While that feeling is probably pretty normal for many of us, I have to think that having no GitHub profile that you can share with potential employer is far worse than putting your mistakes on display. On top of that, putting your code out there gives you the opportunity to solicit feedback which is in my mind another important tool to becoming a better developer. (or really better at anything!)

Check your email and validate your account.

Name your First project and set up your profile.


That’s it! Now that you have created a GitHub account! More importantly you have taken another step toward developing and marketing yourself! Be proud but let’s not stop there!

Now lets set up Visual Studio and learn how to manage our code in GitHub via the built in VS plugins!


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