I was talking to a friend of mine today and I thought that what we were talking about is a good general reminder for everyone.

Things are a little scary right now, the way we have been living our lives for as long as I can remember has been upended. Some of us have businesses are that going to suffer from these changes and others are going to lose their jobs.
Guys there is no power in feeling sorry for ourselves or giving up. Let’s all commit to supporting each other and if we have a setback we are going to make it into as much of a positive as we can.

If your business is interrupted, stop the bleeding and then refocus your time on things that will help you when things go back to normal.

If you are out of a job or work is slow, spend that time improving yourself. Go out and exercise (all of us should be doing this now for the health benefits alone. ) Find an online class , figure out where you are going next.

Do not waste this time guys. When you routine is interrupted , you have a unique opportunity to refocus, find your hustle and get to hustling!

Every Lesson is a blessin’ Live by that guys!

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