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Energetic Software Engineer and Manager with 9+ years’ experience developing scalable, reusable code for small and large businesses. Created tools to increase efficiency and scalability of manual processes. Worked to maintain enterprise level payments software. Played a prominent role working with customers to provide metrics and understand their business needs, while managing a team that is executing those initiatives.

Recently I have been working on a total re-write for a batch processing system. I  have been involved with every aspect of the project. This includes meeting with the project management team and iteration planning. In addition to this, I have been working with .net core 3.0 from preview to final release.

In recent years I have worked to:

    • Implement Entity Framework Core 3.0 into our rapidly expanding project and have been the sole maintainer of this initiative.
    • Created a fully automated testing via NUnit and documented the functionality and process thoroughly.
    • Maintained and modified our CI/CD tool chain using GIT, GitLab, Jenkins, MSBuild, Sonar and other tools.
    • Worked to build a top down release process that reduced the time to get code into the hands of QA from 8 to 16 hours down to 2 hours.
    • Studied and implemented code based on Design patterns and best practices.
    • Complete my Masters Degree in Management of Information Systems.

Technical Skills:

.Net Core 2.0 to 3.1
EF Core 3.0
MYSql, SQL, Informix
Agile / Scrum / Project Management
Training, Mentoring and Technical Documentation
Payment processing, Credit transactions and Compliance


Building impactful relationships with coworkers and customers.
Committed, Tenacious and Enthusiastic
Adherence and commitment to Best Practices
Leadership, Judgement, and Understanding the bigger picture.
Building Consensus through actions and advanced interpersonal skills


Devry University

Bachelor of Science Technical Management

Management, Marketing, Economics, Statistics, Object Oriented Programming, SQL administration

Keller Graduate School of management  

Master of Information Systems Management

Project Management, Software and Database Security, Cryptography, Managing Organizational Change

**42 of 45 credits complete**

Employment History

Tsys Acquiring / Global Payments

Software Developer II C# / Ci/CD
August 2018 – present

    • Worked on a core team leading a transition from Waterfall to Agile
    • Implemented, planned, and performed complete re-write of legacy batch processing system
    • Assisted with planning, evaluating, and implementation of CI/CD pipeline including GIT, Jenkins, Sonar, Target Process
    • Designed and implemented Testing framework utilizing NUnit, Jenkins and Open cover
    • Worked to establish SOLID design principles as a standard for ongoing re-write project.
    • Rebuilt DAL to utilize Entity Framework Core, Unit of Work and the repository pattern
    • Rewrote Framework code to work under .net core 3.0
    • Worked with and trained other team members on changes required to migrate from TFS to GIT
    • Working with Jenkins for CI builds
    • Worked with SQL Management and Azure Data Studio to write queries and audit stored procedures.
    • Working with PMO Team to plan and execute planning iterations
    • Managing changes to technical specifications for customer facing documents
    • Working with .net core 3.0
    • Working with C# 8.0

Software Developer II C++ / Unix
January 2014 – August 2018

    • Work with source code of the application to troubleshoot correct and large and complex application on legacy systems using legacy tools
    • Utilize C++, Informix / DBACCESS to build and implement requirements for internal product requirements.
    • Work with both Windows and Unix on in a production environment. Work directly with internal stakeholders to determine and document requirements.
    • Handle day to day management of support queue for product related issues.
    • Assign tickets and manage queue.
    • Responded to overnight calls from command center to field technical issues from multiple applications.

ImageTag Inc.

Integration Engineer

Tempe, Arizonahmmm

January 2012 – January 2014

    • Worked directly with source code of the application to troubleshoot correct and revise code of base platform.
    • Worked with customers and Executives to help understand and implement solutions to automate and improve manual workflows.
    • Built and updated several productivity tools to speed the implementation of business processes.
    • Utilize C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL Server to build and implement custom workflow solutions for customers in the account and Human resources field.
    • Worked directly with customers and Executives to help understand and implement solutions to automate and improve manual workflows.
    • Built and updated several productivity tools to speed the implementation of business processes.

J-Curve Technologies

Strategic Development Manager / Manager of Client Services Phoenix, Arizona

January 2007 – January 2012

    • Worked with Operations to architect a comprehensive Agent and customer reporting platform.
    • Utilize ASP.Net, MYSQL, MSSQL 2005 to create web-based tools for aggregating large volumes of data into Manager level Reports of productivity and trending for call center.
    • Played key role in selecting and implementing an enterprise level call manager solution and integrating it into the existing reporting structure.
    • Prepared corporate financial reports and service contracts for the CEO, CTO, CFO.
    • Primary Duties include management of call center productivity and customer relationships.
    • Responsible for all duties related to hiring and disciplinary, reviews, staffing and customer contact and reporting.
    • Held key position as main point of contact between executive level staff and customers.
    • Worked to build a scalable and profitable business model in relation to support.
    • Directly responsible for conceiving and implementing a plan that made it possible to handle a 500% growth in a large customer support volume in 6 weeks



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